July 30, 2021
Free Pattern Friday

FREE PATTERN FRIDAY: Brooke's Blossoms; Unscheduled Break

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If you know any professional fisherman, they might be able to tell you what the items are in the above photo. If you don't happen to have a fisherman handy, I will go ahead and tell you. I will also tell you why they are pertinent to our quilt project.

Quilting is only part of my job. I have been a wholesale seamstress for many years now, and one of my clients sells weigh bags for fishing competions. They are heavy duty, waterproof, poly bags to keep your fish in while competing. When the competition is done, you weigh your fish and release them back from where they came. Why is this relevant?

I make about 15,000 bags each year (well, I just sew the handles on). Fishing has a slow season and a busy season, and fish bag sewing, therefore, has a similar seasonal trend. We are smack in the middle of busy season right now, with one problem; the bag manufacturer messed up our order and we've been waiting for weeks for the bags to come in so I could start sewing the handles on. Guess what finally showed up today? Can you also guess what I'll be doing this weekend instead of quilting?

I also think this will just make a good break for anyone to catch up as needed. We are so close to finishing our quilt, but the last few borders are of course the largest, and I don't want anyone to feel overwhelmed or like they can't ever catch up. So let's take some time to catch up (and in my case, sew fish bags), and we'll resume the regularly scheduled pattern release in TWO WEEKS. So until then, happy sewing!!

If you haven't yet, be sure to check out #brookesblossomsquilt on instagram to see the amazing versions of the quilt that everyone is making!