June 13, 2021
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Week Three of Brooke's Blossoms brings us our first ribbon border, which I feel would be a good stopping point if you just wanted a mini quilt. I'm not encouraging you to stop here, I'm just pointing that fact out ;)

These are easy blocks, with few pieces in each section. I recommend laying out your border before assembling, then take a good look at it before sewing to make sure all of the blocks are oriented correctly.

About Brooke's Blossoms: This is a medallion quilt that finishes at 62 1/2" square, but contains many options for other sizes and layouts! All blocks are made with Foundation Paper Piecing, and if you're new to FPP, I encourage you to check out my tutorials and tips on Instagram. Follow me: @crankykangaroo, and use #fppcrankykangarootut to find the videos! As we build, you can stop at any point and still have a finished quilt! You can also use the individual blocks in a variety of ways in other layouts or quilts! I will be sharing some mini quilt ideas as we go along!

Download Week Three instructions here.

medallion light blue full pic