June 11, 2021
Free Pattern Friday

FREE PATTERN FRIDAY: Brooke's Blossoms Week TWO

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This week, we will work on the first border (the eight blocks that surround the center medallion). These are made up of Anthuriums and Palm leaves. When assembling the center medallion and the first border, be sure to pay attention to the orientation of the anthuriums. You can choose to have all of the flowers facing upwards in the same direction, or rotate around the Center Block as I have done.

About Brooke's Blossoms: This is a medallion quilt that finishes at 62 1/2" square, but contains many options for other sizes and layouts! All blocks are made with Foundation Paper Piecing, and if you're new to FPP, I encourage you to check out my tutorials and tips on Instagram. Follow me: @crankykangaroo, and use #fppcrankykangarootut to find the videos!

As we build, you can stop at any point and still have a finished quilt! You can also use the individual blocks in a variety of ways in other layouts or quilts! I will be sharing some mini quilt ideas as we go along!

Download Week Two instructions here:

medallion light blue full pic