April 30, 2021
Free Pattern Friday

FREE PATTERN FRIDAY: BORDERS for the Mini Stellar Quilt

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This week marks the beginning of our borders! I've decided to offer two choices. Border B is the original that has always been shown in the photos up until now (pictured below). Border A is pictured above. The two options finish at slightly different dimension: Border A makes the quilt 27" square, Border B makes the quilt 25" square.

Border A is worked in two sections; an inner and an outer. Border B is worked in three sections; inner, middle, outer. I will post the inner border for both this week. Next week will have the Border B middle border, as well as the outer border for Border A. Have fun!

About our mini quilt adventure: I have always been intrigued by miniature things, almost as much as I love a good challenge! This little quilt finishes at just under 20 inches, not including borders. If you're interested in piecing this mini with me, check here every Friday for the next block! Today's block is in the left top corner, and is Foundation Paper Pieced. I'm planning on a three color quilt, and I'll need about one yard of each color. Feel free to add your own spin to this quilt, or make it a scrap friendly project!

Follow this link to download instructions for Border A!


Follow this link to download instructions for Border B!