March 07, 2021

FREE DOWNLOAD: Kona Cotton Color Cards

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Since I have started making quilts from Legit Kits (, I have amassed a large collection of Kona cotton colors. The mess was getting overwhelming, so I came up with a way to organize the colors. Because they are now organized and filed, I can easily find the color I need. Sometimes, though, I am out of one color and I needed a way to find the next closest color. I didn't want to buy a Kona color card, so I made my own! Now I can see at a glance what shade of color I'm looking for and if there's another color that's close!

These are arranged by the color code used by Legit Kits, as that's how I'm usually using these fabrics. Download your own color code chart and paste 1" square pieces of your fabric! This is not all the colors offered by Kona, as it's just the ones used by Legit Kits.

Download here

EDIT: the above link has been updated with the most recent list of Kona colors used by Legit Kits! (12/26/2021)

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file 000 5