January 01, 2021
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FREE PATTERN FRIDAY: Block SIX of the Mini Stellar Quilt

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It's week six and I've managed to keep on schedule for this long! It's a miracle! This week's block is fairly simple again, just pay attention to the color placement. After cutting out the pattern pieces, I like to place them in two stacks so that all of the same style is grouped together. Half of the blocks are worked in one color order, the other half are worked another way. First, I chain piece all of the similar blocks until they are finished, and then I chain piece the other stack. This seems to help me and keep me from messing up on a random color.

Have fun and be sure to tag me on instagram with your blocks! I love to see what ya'll come up with and how you're using colors!

About our mini quilt adventure: I have always been intrigued by miniature things, almost as much as I love a good challenge! This little quilt finishes at just under 20 inches, not including borders. If you're interested in piecing this mini with me, check here every Friday for the next block! Today's block is in the left top corner, and is Foundation Paper Pieced. I'm planning on a three color quilt, and I'll need about one yard of each color. Feel free to add your own spin to this quilt, or make it a scrap friendly project!

Follow this link to download block number five!