March 22, 2019

The Pattern That Took Six Months to Design

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It has been one year since my hubby left his full time job in order to be able to help out with my sewing business. I was facing an order for 3000 fish weigh bags, due in two weeks, and I was slightly (read: very) panicked.

I have learned a lot this past year. Some of the lessons were forced on me, some of them I learned willingly, and some were complete surprises. Most importantly, I've learned how to prioritize. It took me a while to realize that I really needed to learn to budget my time better, to go to bed at a decent time, to get up in the morning like an adult (I had a tendency to sleep in), and I also learned patience.

I should have named this pattern Patience. Because I became the sole breadwinner in our house, some things just got pushed to the side. This pattern was one of them. I finally set a launch date and finished the quilt top. Mind you, it's not quilted, and it still has all the foundation paper on the back of it, but most quilters know that finishing the quilt top is a huge step.

The pattern is now available in my etsy shop!