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Jaymi Horne | Founder

A few words about Jaymi, from her Father:

Jaymi’s mother and I think of ourselves as creative but, our creativity is learned, or born of necessity. Jaymi is innately creative. Early in life she began to express her creativity with whatever resources were available to her. There were sticks-and-stones creations, dried-flower art and cake decorations and an abundance of adorable critters made with Wonder-Bread-and-Elmer’s-Glue Clay. Also, we all looked forward to her Barf-Bag creations from plane trips. Of course her Barbie had hand-sewn clothes.

During her Elementary years she taught herself the lost art of tatting and got her Aunt and Grandmother to teach her to knit and crochet. In Junior High she saved her money to buy her own sewing machine and started to create her own clothes from materials such as neckties, candy foil wrappers and an outdated blender cover that made an unforgettable hat! Her skills developed and by the time she graduated she was sewing custom wedding attire and contour dresses. Her success became so overwhelming that she gave it up because it “just wasn’t fun.” She then experimented with a number of other creative areas, as her friends who moved her pottery wheel too many times, can attest.

Today, she has found a better balance for her creativity and talents with a production sewing business as a mainstay and then utilizing her talents for select clients’ wedding attire and reception foods, remodeling her kitchen and putting down an amazing wood pallet floor in her home.

As you [browse through her creations and follow her] blog you will see that she is still a little obsessed with creativity, she has something new to share every day. What else would you expect from someone who crochets at traffic lights? We hope you enjoy her creativity as much as we have.